Lean Quatifah // BUSTIN

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Rooftops Horzion gets 2015 off to a flying start with BUSTIN produced by the young Lean Quatifah.

Lean Quatifah is a producer of electronic music from Washington D.C. Although he grew up with music, he only started producing at the age of 18. From Tennyson to Kaytranada, including BADBADNOTGOOD, he is influenced by various artists.

As soon as his sound hits your ears, you know this guy knows what he’s doing. No other evidence is needed when you’ll dance all night listening to BUSTIN.

Stay tuned because this up-and-coming talent, already supported by artists like Mura Masa or GEOTHEORY, plans to release his first EP this year.

PREMIERE : www.traxmag.fr/exclu-lean-quatif…rooftops-horizon/