Dreamon is a singer/producer based out of Norway. With melodic production and sensual rhymes, Dreamon’s music is for all the lovers and dreamers out there. He collabored on several singles with dope reknown producers like Esta or Alizzz.

He’s beginning 2015 with a new title called « Parisian Dawn » released on Rooftops Horizon that spotted him 6 months ago.
That parisian song is definitely a perfect song for all genre killers. Tween Future and Rap influences, he’s definitely successed in gathering those two genre. The result sounds like an OVO SOUND.

2015 seems to be a great announcement for all Dreamon’s lovers, who is busily working on an EP with WE SINK, an EP with DIE HIGH producer JL, as well as collaborations with Laudz (1/2 of TropKillaz)

PREMIERE : Earmilk

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