Milwaukee rapper, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist CAMB has been drawing the blueprints for his success for 4 years now, and his new EP ‘C.A.M.B.’ is the freshest sheet in his collection so far. As the first single of his third opus, ‘Eye Contact’ was produced by DJ Kenz and is about hazardous encounters and the entailing tension between two people.

As a member of Vogel Park, 22 year-old CAMB (the B is silent) has been exploring and perfecting his expression as he etches his lyrics and sounds into the hearts of an ever-growing audience. An audience so acutely in touch with CAMB’s message that they continue to quote his lyrics as media praise his wisdom and he plans his next steps. CAMB’s “Soulful Hip-Hop” is his means for expressing his honesty, a truly sincere iteration of the heart and soul.

CAMB pours himself into his music with the effortless sincerity heard on 2016’s “AIN’T-I-SOCIAL” and 2017’s “PurpleSky” and “Cambsmas: HFTH” as he talks of love, hardships and dreams, inviting listeners into a positively fuelled, self-healing state of mind which he develops on stage with a full live band.