Msft x Marble – Jaws (ft. BushBaby)

Go Bonkers With msft, Marble and BushBaby’s Collab ‘Jaws’

“Yeah, msft, Bushbaby, Marble”. Take note, it’s when these last words will echo in the outro that you’ll be able to breathe again. You must be physically prepared, ‘Jaws’ is one hell of a packed experience, a song that keeps flipping from one dynamic to the other like an hectic roller-coaster.

The ride starts in full msft mode, nice and slow, with deep moody cinematic vibes. Then bang, outta nowhere BushBaby kicks in with the rap game and turns things upside down. But wait, Marble joins the party and then bang, we’re shook left and right without mercy by a powerhouse Trap drop. All this in 88 seconds. It’s mental, it’s syncopated, but if you think you’re done, remember what I wrote in the preface. Have you heard those words? I don’t think so. Therefore, tighten your belts and get ready for a more irreverent twist and turns.