kan~g – ‘Smile In The Mirror’ (ft. Iese)

‘Smile In The Mirror’ starts off in a feel that’s like floating on clouds, with soft synths, gentle vocals and a slow beat, then flows into a bumping chorus filled with some brass and powerful kicks. Kan-G has delivered a bumper of…..

Koyö // TAKE OFF

Koyö is one these phenomenons you find on Soundcloud and stay in your minds for eternity. With his dubstep, reggae & hip-hop influences, he gives us the perfect track with melodic, complex and sometimes melancholic sounds. Rhythmic beats, jerky voices,…..

William Crooks // STILL HOLDING ON

William Crooks is a secret guy. No localisation, no clear profile picture on Soundcloud, but we are sure about one thing: he is a real quality producer. Born & raised under jazz & soul classics he was brought on the…..

srsly – PRELUDE EP

Srsly is a 21 year old producer living in Austria with a background from Brazil. He started to produce his own tracks since 2009, first dubstep then he fell in love with futuristic bass music. With the desire of still fine tuning his signature…..


  Shahly from Norway and SVDKO from Belgium made a duo on a sweet and powerful track called « SAMURAÏ ».With Shahly‘s hip-hop influence and SVDKO‘s interest for Japanese culture, these two guys killed it. These young producers brought maturity in this…..


Kan-G, master of experimental beats and member of the artist collective Futur Heist & Hood Wood (which has also our great duo Yo-Zu), makes us becoming insane with his track « KINGS OF NEVERLAND ». You don’t even understand what happen during this track, the only thing…..

srsly // I WANT YOU

The young producer srsly delivered us a really clean track. He is from vienna, like our homie salute so, obviously, these are pure vibes. The main synth is in total harmony with the vocals, that will stay in your mind loop with that « I Want…..

Heisenberg’s Montage // LEAVE

We are proud to present you our new release produced by the Polish duo called Heisenberg’s Montage. They are both 23 years old and are working together for 3 years. They complete each other by listening to different kind of…..


Dreamon is a singer/producer based out of Norway. With melodic production and sensual rhymes, Dreamon’s music is for all the lovers and dreamers out there. He collabored on several singles with dope reknown producers like Esta or Alizzz. He’s beginning 2015 with a new title…..

MADNAP x Ehallz – Stardust

To keep going on that way for 2015, we’re glad to put under the spotlights those 2 news upcomers called Madnap and Ehallz. Madnap is a young boy from Chicago. His productions are inspired by a lot of vibes like…..