kan~g – ‘Smile In The Mirror’ (ft. Iese)

‘Smile In The Mirror’ starts off in a feel that’s like floating on clouds, with soft synths, gentle vocals and a slow beat, then flows into a bumping chorus filled with some brass and powerful kicks. Kan-G has delivered a bumper of…..

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JL // KILO KILO (Compilation Vol. 1)

Surfing on this new Australian wave, JL knew how to give way. While releasing out his title « ROCK » on Trap-EDM he demonstrates the extreme maturity which it shows through his compositions. Groundbreaking, mixing his influences, he makes it a point…..

RUSTY HOOK // DRIFTING AWAY (Compilation Vol. 1)

That new talent emerging from Bordeaux (France) is definitely the revelation of 2014. The 18 years old guy is considering music as a « way of life ». Always producing, never sleeping, Rusty Hook put all his energy in creating music and…..


After sharing with you, our love for the Jersey club, we want you to discover other musical horizon, especially with a French discovery. Tigerz is from Paris (France) and is not new to the music community. After a second EP « THE…..


  To begin this new year 2014, we invite you to discover the talented young YYIOY with this track, BOUNCE. Yohei Oki is an artist also based in Japon like our homie DJ YEN. His influences between Jersey Club, Trap and…..


Sapporo-based (Japan) producer, DJ YEN will probably be one of the main actors of this coming year. His own style between Jersey Club and Beats producing is definitely the way he takes to show us his talent. His energetic beats…..